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Immigration Consulting Services Ltd.


Kanexion Immigration Consulting Services Ltd. is an Immigration consulting firm founded by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) Kelly Almendarez on October 30, 2016 in British Columbia, Canada.  

Kelly Almendarez, is not only a licensed Immigration Consultant but is also a certified lawyer from Honduras, Central America.  ​

In 1987, Kelly immigrated to Montreal, Quebec Canada and then she relocated to Vancouver, B.C. and Calgary, Alberta where she completed her secondary education. 

Subsequently, she continued her post-secondary education in her native country Honduras where she successfully completed her Bachelor’s Law Degree in Spanish in the year 2008. As a result, she is proficient in all three languages Spanish, French and English.

After Law School she was hired by the Executive Directorate of Revenues (DEI) as a Legal Advisor. On the other hand, she also started teaching in the University of Technology of Honduras (UTH).


Two years later she opened her own law firm called “Bufete Legal Almendarez Guardado” and as a hobby she also started teaching French and English in the prestigious private University known as Ceutec-Unitec in the beautiful city of La Ceiba, Atlántida, Honduras.

Thereafter, Kelly Almendarez arose passion in immigration law and thanks to her perseverance and hard work she became a member of the College of Immigration And Citizenship Consultants (CICC)), taught the Immigration Consultant program at CDI campus in Surrey. She also makes time to tutor and train students who share the same passion in immigration and even helps to manage a very prestigious immigration firm which majority of the clientele is from India.

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